Monday, September 21, 2009


Awesome things

1. The Great Society Mind Destroyers, the sweet psychedelic garage band we played with at Zebulon early in August, have released their live tracks as an album on Commune Records. They just got to play with Dead Meadow in their hometown, Chicago, and are playing some more shows with other folks we love aka Plastic Crimewave Sound this fall. Check the live album, as well as their split with Rabble Rabble (who we played with that night as well, who are awesome and are apparently playing with Screaming Females next week):

Live at The Zebulon, New York 2009 (Commune Records)
Recorded live at The Zebulon in Brooklyn, NY on August 9th 2009.

2. We just played a wonderful show at Goodbye Blue Monday with Jonathan Byerley and His Plates of Cake and Englishman, who were on tour from Lexington, Kentucky. Englishman's haunting folk music is the product of two minds, Andrew English (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Matthew Duncan (vocals, piano), along with others, though only Andrew and Matthew were on tour. I can't describe how beautiful the piano at Goodbye Blue Monday sounded on these songs, but you should definitely check them out, too:

"Taxidermy", Englishman's debut EP, is on iTunes and Amazon, as well as at CD Central in Lexington, KY and Shake It Records in Cincinnati, OH. Physical copies appear at live shows and come complete with hand-drawn/cut/pasted album art and very compact packaging. If you love to hold things with your hands and use all five senses, this EP can serve that purpose. Just mail a request for a hard copy to:

3. We're playing a bunch of great shows in the upcoming weeks:

October 1st @ Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY, w/ Drew and The Medicinal Pen, Morgan Orion, Parade Parade
October 2nd @ The Coliseum (rooftop show!), Ridgewood, Queens/Brooklyn, w/ Sacred Harp, Morgan Orion, more special guests
October 24th @ King Street Manor, Northampton, MA, w/ Orion Rigel Domisse, Tongue Oven

And we have some new photographs from the garden.

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

See you soon.