Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paleo, John Parson, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, & Meghan Maguire Dahn @ Charter Oak Cultural Center, 4/26/11

Tuesday, April 26th

John Parson
Cabinet of Natural Curiosities
- with readings by Meghan Maguire Dahn

@ Charter Oak Cultural Center
21 Charter Oak Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106
All-ages / 8 PM / $5
$4 with a can of food for Food Not Bombs

"David Strackany, better known as Paleo to some, is riddlesome and caught in a straight-jacket of emotions and feelings, to a point where his head and soul must feel like they are resting at tens times their capacity levels, filled with eyes, vines and stray spider legs. It's a matter of backing up against a wall that's just been covered in the stickiest adhesive known to man, and with hands straight up in the air and legs spread as if one were being arrested and padded down at gunpoint, getting stuck there, for all of the elements to just peck away at you. While Paleo is free to roam about the country - something that he does more than anyone else I know - he is trapped with himself and like the image described above, he is at the mercy of everything that gets lobbed his way, anything that falls on him from out of the sky, everything that hunts him down, anything that's hungry, anything that's lonely as well and everything sad, glad and in-between." - // On his current tour, David/Paleo will be performing with a full band, including bassist and songwriter C.J. Boyd. Not to be missed.

John Parson
John Parson mostly plays acoustic guitar and sings words that fallow a melody over it. Lately he has been rather fond of the electric guitar and a 60's- era beat machine. John has shared the stage with Heirlooms, MT Bearington, Timbre, Jonny Rodgers, Goodnight Blue Moon, You Scream I Scream, String Theorie, and touring act Denison Witmer on a stop during fall 2010. He once opened (unknowingly) for Leftover Crack, he would say that was a very fun show (no crack was involved in this fun). Production is in final stages for a full-length album, due for release on Reel Tape Records in Spring 2011.

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities
Cabinet of Natural Curiosities sprouted roots in the froggy ponds of New England. After roaming the alleys of Brooklyn and the mountains of Montana, songwriter Jasmine Dreame Wagner returned to her home in the woods to record chilling lo-fi lullabies and country dream songs with slide guitarist and percussionist Alex Wilson. The result is Cabinet’s forthcoming LP/CD, “Blue Highways,” recorded on their Tascam 424 4-track and Tascam 488 8-track tape machines. Over the past five years, Cabinet has released two albums and an EP and has toured widely in various incarnations, sharing stages with Magnolia Electric Company, Alela Diane, Calvin Johnson, Tiny Vipers, Dan Deacon, LAKE, Liz Durrett, and many more. // "Cabinet of Natural Curiosities is a result of the indie-music world's ongoing experiment with folk: the music is cut apart, sending its pieces back to imagined woods, shires, and netherworlds, patiently drifting back in new configurations... Cabinet leader Jasmine Dreame Wagner has a feel for her influences' primal sweetness and creepiness." -The Onion A.V. Club

Meghan Maguire Dahn
Meghan Maguire Dahn writes mostly about things that can not be neatly contained: bodies that are opened up, illnesses that have indistinct edges, miniscule cells and massive forests. She published her first poem in Highlights magazine as an 8 year old. It had something to do with the mirror phase of an Arthurian night - she thinks - but she can't be sure, because no one kept a copy. Since then, she's been better at keeping file copies. In 2001, she was selected by the Beloit Poetry Journal for a special issue on poets under 25. She has since aged. She has a master's degree in literature from the University of Connecticut, where she directed the Poetic Journeys project. She is a contributing author to The Nervous Breakdown and she co-edits a journal of vintage and contemporary pulp. She is in the process of revising her first poetry manuscript on the hysteria patients of Paris's Salpêtrière hospital. When she's not writing, she works at Real Art Ways as Development Manager.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunspots, Ports of Spain & Cabinet of Natural Curiosities Form a Syzygy @ Stella Blues in New Haven, CT, on 3/20/11

Sunday, March 20th

Ports of Spain
Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

@ Stella Blues
204 Crown Street
New Haven, CT
8 PM / 21+

For one night only, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities will be performing as "SUPERMOON" in honor of the wickedly close perigee going down this weekend: the closest full moon we've experienced since 1992. Come celebrate the celestial intensity.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Son Cats @ 5 Star Bar, Los Angeles, 1/15/11

Video by Danny Bobbe of LA Font. Weedshirt 2'45". Check it.