Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities & SON CATS Summer Tour!

Hey there,

We (Cabinet and SON CATS) just got back from an almost-5-week tour around the middle of the country, the northeast, the Atlantic coast, and the south, which was pretty intense. More intense than swimming and sleeping, which is what we've been doing a lot of since getting back to New England and resting up. Thanks a million to everyone to helped us out with a show, who gave us a place to sleep, and so much more!

So many thank you's--

May 20th -- Irfit's Hookah Lounge -- Rapid City, SD
w/ Point Juncture, WA
...thanks Spearfish and all the folks in Point Juncture.

May 21st -- Washington Arts Center -- Vermillion, SD
w/ Cloud Dog
...thanks Sheridan, and all your awesome housemates and friends, for the zines, the music, and the pizza.

May 22nd -- Bear Claw Mountain -- Minneapolis, MN
...thanks Kaily, Brittany, and Jamie -- and big thanks to Max and Deanna AKA Unicorn Basement for the food and kitties and sleep.

May 23rd -- Ames Progressive -- Ames, IA
w/ Agent Ribbons
Thanks Kai Tanaka, and to your sister, too!

May 24th -- Bernie's Bar -- Ft. Madison, IA
...there is a video online somewhere of SON CATS covering TNT at this legendary haunt on Highway 61. Inquire within...

May 25th -- Monks Kaffee -- Dubuque, IA
...such an awesome coffee shop & cool people.

May 26th -- Ronny's Bar -- Chicago, IL
w/ Royal Osprey and Distractions
...as always, Joey Murphy and his wonderful gang of friends and roomates AKA the Orchid Collective were amazing to see again. And Drew (formerly of the Radish Patch) and Maribelle!

May 27th -- Ottoman Empire -- Chicago, IL
w/ Angel Olson, Meander, and Moonrises
...Thanks, Sabrina at the Ottoman Empire & Ryanne and Erin Hoyt (formerly of The Radish Patch.) Mr. Steve Plastic Crimewave's new band with Libby and Sam were too sweet for words.

May 28th -- Dayton Dirt Collective -- Dayton, OH
...the day after, we spent some time at the Rob Drydek Skate Park and the Kettering water park just around the corner for it. Lap swimming and the sauna never felt so good.

May 29th -- Sheridan House -- Columbus, OH
w/ Old Worlds
...thanks Heather and all your awesome housemates.

May 30th -- Trumbullplex -- Detroit, MI
w/ Oatmeal, Joshua Allen, This Shipwreck
...thanks Jhon and everyone in the community for the hospitality and poems. Seeing Detroit was incredible.

May 31st -- Duck Island -- Cleveland, OH
w/ Theodore Vril and Matt Valarino's band of all-stars
...Ted Vril makes his own reverb, his own pedals, and his own PA and microphones. He also writes some of the most haunting creeped-out murder ballads and blues, and plays in the legendary Scarcity of Tanks. Also, thanks to Lauren for letting us sleep on her floor and for the ceramic strawberry jar. We ate at Sokolowski's, so good.

June 1st -- Bela Dubby -- Cleveland, OH
...we played after the weekly stand-up comedy night, it was a time. Someone told a hilarious joke about going to Big Lots. I loved the place, though, and found a cool blue cowgirl hat outside.

June 2nd -- Boulder Coffee Co. -- Rochester, NY
...Big thanks to BC Likes You!

June 3rd -- 51 3rd -- Troy, NY
w/ C. Ryder Cooley AKA Fall Harbor
...thanks much to Nathan for everything, including the awesome sleeping loft and telling us where the good pizza is! And Ryder's spooky bird songs were wonderful.

June 6th -- The Elevens -- Northampton, MA
w/ School for the Dead, De Osos, Whistlejacket, and The Fauns

June 7th -- HILLSTOCK! -- Brooklyn, NY
w/ Good Night & Good Morning, Royal Osprey (formerly Twin Cats), Drew and the Medicinal Pen, Vultures, Hanz Bronze, Peace, Loving, ACLU Benefit, Elizabeth Butters, Those Galloping Hordes, A.W. Feldt, Shai Erlichman, Laura Stevenson & The Cans, Emilyn Brodsky, Phoebe Kreutz, Don Lennon, and Archipelago
...hung out with old friend BJ Rubin at this amazing rooftop afternoon...Impose Magazine has a great series of photos on their website.

June 7th -- Bruar Falls -- Brooklyn, NY
w/ The Binary Marketing Show, Little Gold, and Lonesome Architects
...one of my favorite shows in a long time! Thanks, Andy Bodor and BJ Rubin!

June 8th -- PA's Lounge -- Somerville, MA
w/ Eric Carbonara and The Paper Hats
...saw old friends Steff and Ian Brady, ate Indian food, Love. Thanks to Jen Strickland and the nice lady running sound.

June 9th -- AS220 -- Providence, RI
w/ Tallahassee

June 10th -- Green Line Cafe -- Philadelphia, PA
w/ Lillie Ruth Bussey and Emily Bate
...thanks Rich for having us and Emily for giving us a place to sleep! This was a time.

June 11th -- Cider Haus -- Baltimore, MD
w/ Pocket Circus and Bethany Dinsick
...thanks Abiku for the awesome house show and incredible BBQ tofu stuff.

June 12th -- Big Bear Cafe -- Washington, DC
w/ The Andalusians and Petworth
...A huge thank you to Basla and The Andalusians, can't wait to see you guys again in Northampton!

June 13th -- Nightlight -- Chapel Hill, NC
...Canon Pence! Thanks for the burritos and the decade of friendship. :)

June 14th -- My Favorite Things Record Store -- Greensboro, NC
w/ Adam Thorn
...the sweetest record store I have been to in a while. This show was a good time. Thanks Jackson, Adam, Josh, and everyone else.

June 15th -- Acoustic Coffeehouse -- Johnson City, TN
...The folks at the Acoustic Coffeehouse gave us a ton of food, broadcast the show online, let us sleep in the theater next door. Thanks, Curt, Jim, and everyone working there.

June 16th -- Bobo Gallery -- Asheville, NC
w/ Sparrow of Old Horsey Slideshow and The Legacy of Kathleen Kennedy

June 17th -- Day off, drove to Nashville in a huge storm, the sky covered with strands of purple lightning.

June 18th -- Kelli's House -- Nashville, TN
w/ Arclyte and Mass at Dawn
...Big thanks to Kelli for the show, and for showing us around the archives and behind-the-scenes at the Country Music Hall of Fame. This was one of our favorite days on tour. And thanks to Kyle and Adrian for housing us and letting us watch a movie while the storm calmed down.

June 19th -- The Brick House --> The Lounge -- Louisville, KY

June 20th -- CPR --> Chaosome -- Lexington, KY
w/ Sound and Vision
...thanks Darin and your wonderful family for the hospitality and trampoline!

June 21st -- Gary's House -- Blacksburg, VA
w/ Dear Olive and Little Quick Heart
...thanks Gary and your family for the organic greens, the venison, and the music!

June 22nd -- Twin Oaks Community -- Louisa, VA
...Thank you so much, Kayde, for having us visit this amazing community, for sharing its gorgeous gardens, communal spaces, food, cheese!, and music. We can't wait to come back.

...and back home.