Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities "Blue Highways" Summer Tour 2011

Hello friends! Cabinet of Natural Curiosities will be touring the United States to celebrate the release of "Blue Highways," a new full-length record that has been a long time in the making. The record was recorded by Jasmine Dreame Wagner and Alex Reed Wilson on their Tascam cassette tape machines, mastered to vinyl by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering, and hand-printed and letterpressed at Stumptown Printers in Portland, OR.

This record and its sleeve aren't just containers for music. Each piece has been handcrafted and assembled like a quilt. "Blue Highways" is a product of people and their hands, down to the smallest detail. We are even reluctant to release it digitally. The cover looks like a relic from a lost era and the LP sounds like a music box found in a dusty attic in the 1940s: dark, warm, and haunted.

This June, July, and August, Cabinet will be sharing shows with friends from near and far, including mini-tours with the great World History, Whitman, Fort King, Blaka Watra, Edwin R. Perry, and Reed Wilson & His Tree of Smoke.

There are still dates being booked, if you see a date marked TBA with a question mark and you might be able to help out, please be in touch!


5/28 @ ArtSpace Hartford, Hartford, CT ( Presents Hammered & Nailed)

6/3 @ The Wassaic Project / The Lantern Inn, Wassaic, NY (w/ Kath Bloom, This Frontier Needs Heroes)

6/9 @ The Mothership, 302B Main St., Stroudsburg, PA

6/10 @ VOMA (Venue of Merging Arts), Johnstown, PA

6/11 @ Bela Dubby, Cleveland, OH (w/ Ted Flynn, Blaka Watra)

6/12 @ Rachael's Cafe, Bloomington, IN (w/ Brian Johnson & The Acquitted)

6/13 @ The Red Herring, Urbana, IL (W/ Morgan Orion, Petunias)

6/14 @ 403 Linden Street, Normal, IL (w/ Teaadora, Mark & Mary)

6/15 @ Mars Cafe, Des Moines, IA (w/ Wolfgang)

6/16 @ PS Collective, Omaha, NE (w/ Family Picnic, Mint Wad Wally)

6/17 @ Cultiva, Lincoln, NE (w/ Less Talk More Polka)

6/18 @ Dragon Eye Studios, Spearfish, SD (w/ Wax Banana)

6/20 @ Baby Bar, Spokane, WA

6/21 @ Beaterville Cafe / Service Bay Bar, Portland, OR (w/ Reed Wilson & His Tree of Smoke)

6/22 @ Northern, Olympia, WA (w/ Derek M. Johnson, Hair & Space Museum, Thee Source ov Fawnation)

6/23 @ The Ridge, Bellingham, WA (w/ Memes, SCUMEATING)

6/24 @ South Whidbey Commons, Whidbey Island, WA (w/ World History, Memory Boys w/ Eli Moore)

6/25 @ The Business, Anacortes, WA (w/ World History)

6/26 @ Funny Button, Seattle, WA (w/ World History, Jordan O'Jordan, iji)

6/27 @ Cabin Tavern, Bellingham, WA (w/ World History, Sarah Goodin)

6/28 @ The Boiler Room, Port Townshend, WA (w/ World History)

6/29 @ Jade Lounge, Portland, OR (w/ Reed Wilson & His Tree of Smoke)

7/1 @ Alberta Street Pub, Portland, OR (w/ Joel Kraft, Reed Wilson & His Tree of Smoke, The Binary Marketing Show)

7/2 @ Space Art Collective, Vancouver, WA (w/ Sea of Oaks, Reed Wilson & His Tree of Smoke)

7/4 @ East End, Portland, OR (w/ The Blind Shake, The Binary Marketing Show)**Playing drums in SON CATS

7/6 @ Campbell Collective, Eugene, OR (w/ Real Live Tigers, New Science Projects)

7/7 @ Blondie's, Arcata, CA (w/ Creepy Marbles, Nuclear Holocaust Island)

7/8 @ Ohm Sweet Ohm, Oakland, CA (w/ Moomaw Jackson, Miwa Gemini, Davyd Nereo, Pacific Rhythm Co.)

7/13 @ Stories & Books, Los Angeles, CA (w/ Emily Lacy, Fort King, Christina Antipa)

7/14 @ Hyperion Tavern, Los Angeles, CA (w/ Fort King)

7/15 @ PB&J, Pomona, CA (w/ Whitman, Eva & The Vagabond Tales)

7/16 @ Echo Country Outpost, Los Angeles, CA (SUPERSTAR BBQ w/ Whitman, Fort King, Ruthann Friedman, Christina Antipa, Moomaw Jackson, Miwa Gemini, more)

7/20 @ Tin Can Alehouse, San Diego, CA (w/ Fort King)

7/21 @ TBA, Highland Park, CA (w/ Fort King)

7/24 @ Starry Plough, Berkeley, CA (3 PM MATINEE SHOW - w/ Fort King, Moomaw Jackson)

7/24 @ Mama Buzz, Oakland, CA (7 PM EVENING SHOW - w/ Fort King, Rachel Toups)

7/25 @ The Knockout, San Francisco, CA (w/ Fort King, Zachary Cale)

7/26 @ Cafe Mekka, Nevada City, CA (w/ Brianna Lea Pruett, Fort King)

7/27 @ The Naked Lounge, Sacramento, CA (w/ Fort King, Jessie K. Phillips of Ellie Fortune, Brianna Lea Pruett)

7/28 @ Robot Rocket Residence, Davis, CA (w/ Fort King)

7/29 @ The Mantle, Portland, OR (w/ Purrbot, Fort King)

7/30 @ The Saratoga Bar, Portland, OR (w/ Screamin' Cyn Cyn & The Pons, Creepy Marbles, Sex Hair)**Playing drums in SON CATS

7/31 @ Gallery 1412, Seattle, WA (SPECIAL PERFORMANCE - I will be performing new songs from my next album on Gallery 1412's baby grand piano, it's not everyday I have the chance to perform at such a venue on such an instrument - w/ Fort King, Blanket Truth)

8/1 @ Baby Bar, Spokane, WA (w/ Dancing for the Flesh)

8/2 @ Cactus Records, Bozeman, MT

8/3 @ Staging Grounds, Rapid City, SD

8/4 @ TBA, Colorado Springs or Denver, CO

8/5 @ Sidedoor Lounge, Omaha, NE (w/ Frozy, more)

8/6 @ The Mill, Iowa City, IA (w/ Brooks Strause, Skye Carrasco)

8/7 @ The Space, Cedar Falls, IA (w/ Brooks Strause, Skye Carrasco)

8/8 @ The Laundry Chute, Milwaukee, WI (w/ Edwin R. Perry)

8/9 @ Ball Hall, Chicago, IL (w/ Edwin R. Perry, Unicorns in the Snow)

8/10 @ Pancho's, Chicago, IL (w/ Moonrises, Blaka Watra, Ted Flynn)

8/11 @ House show in Chicago, IL (w/ Blaka Watra, Ted Flynn)

8/12 @ Bear's Place, Bloomington, IN (w/ Blaka Watra, Brian Johnson & The Acquitted, Eric Radoux, The Rutabega, Edwin R. Perry)

8/13 @ Trumbullplex, Detroit, MI (w/ Blaka Watra, Edwin R. Perry)

8/14 @ Now That's Class, Cleveland, OH (w/ Ted Flynn Trio, Blaka Watra, 9-Volt Haunted House)

8/15 @ Labyrinth Press Co., Jamestown, NY

8/16 @ The Vault, Buffalo, NY

8/17 @ The Spotty Dog, Hudson, NY (w/ Fall Harbor)

8/18 @ Elf Parlor, North Adams, MA (w/ Forever Autumn)

8/25 @ C. Ryder Cooley's XMALIA, Down Street Arts, North Adams, MA

8/26 @ Toadstool Bookshop, Peterborough, NH (w/ Fall Harbor)

8/27 @ TBA

8/28 @ TBA