Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities in the Hartford Examiner

Success! The roads are finally clear and tree-free in our part of New England. For those of you residing in other parts of the country (or other parts of the world,) the northeastern states suffered an unusually strong blizzard over Halloween weekend, leaving many without power for a week or more.

After eight days of reading by candlelight, it's a relief to return to the digital world and find this wonderful article and in-depth interview with Cabinet of Natural Curiosities in the Hartford Examiner. The Examiner's Vincent Bator talks with Cabinet's Jasmine Dreame Wagner about her newest album, "Blue Highways," the travels and inspiration behind her earlier records, "Searchlight Needles" and "Vineland," and her thoughts on home recording and the "lo-fi" aesthetic.

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities will be performing at Church of Boston on Saturday, November 19th as part of "Two Nights of Mayhem," an event curated by small press Black Ocean and Walter Sickert Presents. You can RSVP to the Facebook event over here. See you there!