Monday, May 3, 2010

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities & Son Cats shows in May


May 15th @ The Spotty Dog, Hudson, NY
Cabinet of Natural Curiosities
Fall Harbor
Alexander Turnquist
8 PM / $5

(Poster by C. Ryder Cooley)

May 22nd @ Rebel Sound Records, Pittsfield, MA
8-Inch Betsy (Chicago, IL)
Spooky Qs (Lexington, KY)
The Jesse Minute (Providence, RI)
Son Cats (are awesome)
A.J. Shanti (Brooklyn, NY)
7 PM / $5

May 23rd @ 119 Gallery, Lowell, MA
Malakait Don Singa (K Recs, Olympia, WA)
Viva Viva (Boston, MA)
Hermit Thrushes (Philly, PA)
Avi Jacob (Providence, RI)
Ladderlegs (Boston, MA)
Son Cats (are awesome)
6 PM / $5

(Poster by Stephanie Lak)