Monday, March 21, 2011

Drupe Fruits #2 & Matchbook #3

I've got a couple new poems in Drupe Fruits #2 and Matchbook #3, two fine, handmade literary magazines out of Michigan and Kentucky, respectively. I am boundlessly impressed with the creativity and craftiness of Edwin R. Perry of Plumberries Press and Friedrich Kerksieck of Small Fires Press who curated each edition's content and assembled the books by hand. Also, the colorful covers, letterpressed and vintage, make the neverending gray sky a bit more bearable as we edge into spring here in New England.

Drupe Fruits #2, Plumberries Press

Drupe Fruits #2 features poems by Harold Abramowitz, Jeremy Behreandt, Erin M. Bertram, Stacy Blint, Jamison Crabtree, Kevin Dunham, Amira Hanafi, M.C. Hyland, Jennifer Karmin, Susan Kirby-Smith, Dolly Lemke, Jonathan Lohr, J.S. Makkos, Jenn Marie Nunes, Daniela Olszewska, Edwin R. Perry, Meg Prichard, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, and Joseph Young.

Matchbook #3, Small Fires Press

Matchbook #3 features poems by Anna Moschovakis, Jen Hofer, Tony Mancus, MC Hyland, Kate Lebo, Vince Gotera, Daniela Olszewska, Sophie Klahr, Brooklyn Copeland, Anne Marie Rooney, Ben Pelham, Trey Moody, Justin Runge, Marshall Walker Lee, Lisa Ciccarello, W. Vandoren Wheeler, Greg Weiss, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Chris Hosea, Fred Schmalz, and Stacy Blint, and letterpressed illustrations by Cherie Weaver.

It feels good to hold these books in my hands.