Thursday, March 17, 2011

Video Love: April March, Agent Ribbons, Mark Gutterman, and "How to be Alone" by Andrea Dorfman & Tanya Davis

4. April March - "Mingnonette"
I saw April March play at Tonic back in the late 1990's and she was unforgettable.

3. Agent Ribbons - "Grey Gardens / I'm Alright / Don't Touch Me"
These ladies are so awesome live. And the songwriting! I can't wait for them to get huge.

2. Mark Gutterman - "Feel Free"
"No one skates like Mark. We all wish we could." -Alex Wilson, who should know,
because he lives and shares a frying pan with the dude.

1. "How To Be Alone"
A short film & poem by Andrea Dorfman and Tanya Davis, two beautiful Canadians
with a beautiful message. This video makes me feel warm inside.